How Important is Responsive Design?


Many people are using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Many people are already aware of mobile devices taking over Internet surfing, browsing social media outlets, checking emails, and doing some online shopping.

It is extremely important that your website is mobile friendly as mobile Internet usage is increasing rapidly. Although, this is not a problem because you can visit websites for your desktop and mobile separately but isn’t it great when you can visit the website on both platforms simultaneously?

Fortunately, there is a design that can handle both types and it is called “responsive web design”.

What it responsive web design?

Responsive design means that the website is conditioned and constructed specially that will be compatible to any device especially the images, structure, and content. An example would be accessing both mobile and desktop computer, when he/she opens them both he can view everything on the site regardless the device.

Mobile Usage is Increasing

As you take a step outside the world, you will see numerous people using their mobile phones and many people have adapted to smartphones. However, many businesses have not adapted to this kind of business yet. They could use the stats from Smart Insights so that they will be convinced and many changes are made because of this reason of the mobile usage trend.

Recommended by Google

We all know that Google is the most used application and web browser by people. Google uses responsive design and it has the same URL and HTML for all devices, which makes it easier and faster to access it for both users.

Can Increase Conversion Rates

Among all the search benefits and making people happy, responsive design can increase conversion rate for mobile users around the world. Several tablet users, about 69 percent are using their mobile device to shop online. Several improvements and enhancements were made as well as maintaining the quality of the content when users visit a website. Significant things are happening regarding that Social media has gone mobile. If you say that social media was so last year, you can now see that 55 percent of social media consumption happens on mobile devices, which is vital because many users would get disappointed and frustrated, and leaves the plan; resulting into bad business.

Better User Experience

Users can now view contents on their original size automatically on their devices without adjusting because of responsive design, which is better and convenient for them. This will help companies to improve when users visit their site with satisfaction and happiness because of the responsive design that was used.

Easier to Manage

Isn’t it easier and better when you can manage SEO in both mobile and desktop devices? This would make customers happy including your company team. Since you also have one managed website, responsive design will provide you cost-effective benefits.

Stay Ahead of Competition

When you are in the business world, you’ll strive to stay on top and in order to increase your sales, the more customers that visit your website and make purchases online, you will receive more benefits.

If that doesn’t persuade you, around 6 months ago, I redesigned personal company site to have a responsive design. It really made a difference and many people are already visiting the site. Some competitors aren’t making use of the responsive design that resulted into many people leaving the site. You now have the chance you need to grab, to have the customers visit your site while using a responsive design and stay ahead.

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